Does Our Whole Family Have To Go To Heaven?

We took a nearly 2 month long trip to the Mid-West the end of last year/beginning of this year. We were at my parents house on Thanksgiving weekend, when we heard the news that Sandra Jones has died when her car was swept off a flooded bridge. We decided to load up the motorhome and go down to Texas for her memorial. We took Grandpa and Grandma, my parents, and their kids at home with us. Our kids were not excited in the least to leave Grammie and Papa’s farm to go to a funeral but we went anyway. We went down to Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lori’s for the weekend. As I was putting the kids to bed the night before the funeral Cooper pulled me aside and asked in a concerned voice, “they aren’t going to have her body at the funeral tomorrow are they?” I reassured him that they wouldn’t and he was much relieved. We got to talking about why people would even want a dead body at a funeral. I shared with him some reasons why we had had Shelly’s body at her funeral. While we were talking Kolby pipes up from his bed, “I know someone who died.” I was wondering what on earth he was thinking of so asked him who he was talking about. “Dod (God)” was his matter of fact response. The take-advantage-of-this-opportunity to tell the kids about God light popped on in my head.

I began to tell the kids that yes Jesus had died but he was amazing and came back to life and He is living now. And that since Jesus died for us we can now ask Him to live in our heart and then when we die we can go to Heaven and live with him forever. (You can just imagine how proud I was feeling that there was such a wonderful opportunity to talk about God with the kids.) I told them that when I die I am going to go to Heaven and it will be wonderful there. Kolby’s quavering voice pipes up, “Are you going to Heaven today?” I reassured him that I didn’t have any plans to go to Heaven today, that it would be later on when I died. I told them that they could all go to Heaven if they asked the Lord into their hearts just like Daddy and Mommy have done. Again there was a tearful reply, “Does our whole family have to go there?” I told him how I would love for all of us to go to Heaven and how when we die we would live with God forever and never have to come back to pain and sadness but live with him FOREVER! ┬áKolby asked again, “Does our whole family have to go? Can we ever come back? I don’t want to go there!” He was sobbing at this point. Any attempt on my part to tell them a positive of Heaven was horribly overwhelming to him. He was terrified of going to a place where he could never go back home, etc.

Next Kolby began asking to sleep with me in my bed. I asked him why and he told because he didn’t want me to go to “That place”! I told him that I wasn’t planning on dying that night. I probably wouldn’t die until I got old so it was ok and he could stop crying about it. He tearfully replied, “But you are already old Mom, so are you going to die now!” It was pretty funny but by then I had a few children that were a little worked up about this Heaven topic. I ended up having to call Chester out to the motorhome to help me get the kids thinking about something else so they could sleep. I guess it wasn’t such a good idea to take the opportunity to talk about Heaven on a long trip when the kids were all worn out. I’m sure they felt like we would never go home and that was a bit overwhelming to them to think of going to Heaven where they would NEVER go back home. Great Mom moment for me!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! It was a good time to take advantage of talking about heaven, children need to seriously think about going to heaven. You did a great job! It is wonderful your children have tender hearts. Precious memory!

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