January 2015


Wow I can’t believe it is 2015! Looking forward to this year with our family!

3rd-Yesterday Cooper & Bryant went over to Luke’s for his birthday party. They stayed the night over there and had a NERF war today. We came and picked them up in the afternoon and headed to Caleb and Angela’s house for Dustin’s birthday party. We had dinner and dessert there with the whole Martin clan, Adam, & Matt and Amy’s family. After the party we came back home.

8th-Kaylin & Kolby helped me paint the edges of some canvases for a project for Kaylin’s room. After they painted the canvases I Decopodged a picture onto the canvas. They turned out really cute. I will have to show the finished product whenever I get pictures of Kaylin’s room, since we are finished with her room now.



Jan. 11-This is the start of Cooper’s new company GreeneApple. He and Chester are designing the website www.greeneapple.com.



Jan. 17-These cute kids were having a tea party with their dolls. I love watching them play together.

20th-We are finally getting back to BRMRG training after Christmas break and New Years. Tonight was learning about Land Navigation. I’m still pretty nervous about navigation as I just haven’t done it much so don’t have much confidence in myself.


Bobby sent me this picture after the kids had visited them today. He said it was a fly in! The boys are enjoying building paper airplanes these days.



Jan. 21-We went and sang at The Independence tonight. I enjoy singing there. Very casual, fun music. Carson likes to bring his upright bass and Cooper likes to take his bass guitar to play along with Laura on the piano and Robert Cox on his guitar at times.


Jan 22-We have been studying snakes in school this week so today we made a paper chain Coral snake.

Kolby has gotten where he REALLY enjoys doing puzzles. He is so proud when he finishes up one.IMG_4928


Jan. 23-Since Chester has had to be off of dairy and corn I have started making more food from scratch around here. Today it was homemade bread day! Yummy!

24th-We have started trying new fruit and veggies every so often. This month our new fruit to try was fresh coconut. We weren’t really sure what to do with it. No one was real impressed with just eating it plain. :-) I ended up blending it up in my VitaMix and so then I had unsweetened coconut flakes. Pretty neat.IMG_4930 IMG_4931

25th-After meeting today we rushed home and grabbed a bite to eat before Laura, Kaylin & I drove up to Brent and Kirsten’s house for her baby shower. So glad we could go. It was fun seeing their new house and getting to share in their excitement and anticipation of their baby on the way.


Kaylin liked the little chair that Marie gave Kristen for the baby.


Hellen Donohoe, Kristen Donohoe, Linda Stevens


Shelly, Kristen, Linda


Such sweet, special ladies!


Kaylin and Gemma were the only little girls there besides babies. After a while they were bored with the shower so they played something on Laura’s phone

26th-Tonight was our first CERT class for this round of CERT training (Group #3). We went over there as a family. We helped get things rolling. After a while Chester took the kids over to the library so they weren’t so bored and so they could get books for our trip. I stayed for the whole class. We had a pretty good turn out I felt. Hopefully most of them will stick with it.

27th-Today was Bryant’s “special day” with Chester. It was kind of big and special so Bryant invited Cooper, Luke Woods, and Bobby to go with them. They went up to DC to the Washington DC Auto Show. Oh wow! Bryant was in heaven he thought! He LOVES cars. They had loads of fun. I stayed home with the K’s and the plan was to get LOTS done in preparation for our trip to Florida. Well I ended up not feeling very good so I sat around a lot. Not a lot was accomplished. :-( At least the boys had fun though.


Bryant answering questions in the Game show!

IMG_5543 IMG_5546 IMG_5548 IMG_5536 IMG_5540 IMG_5541 IMG_5523 IMG_5524 IMG_5516 IMG_5519 IMG_5520 IMG_5506 IMG_5507 IMG_5508 IMG_5510 IMG_5511 IMG_5504 IMG_5501 IMG_5502 IMG_5489 IMG_5490 IMG_5495 IMG_5496 IMG_5497

Definitely was a boys dream! So glad Chester had the idea. The boys won’t ever forget this day I’m sure.

29th-Last night Kaylin got sick during the night. We decided to continue on with our plan of packing up and getting out of here to head to Florida. When Kaylin woke up she seemed totally fine so we ended up being able to get packed up and out of here. We left about dinner time but we had to meet up with Bobby and Laura at Sam’s in town so we just ended up inviting them to join us for dinner. So we started our trip having company for dinner in the Sam’s parking lot. :-)

I will finish this month in our Key West Trip post.





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