You Gave Me The Wrong Change!

There are days as a Mom that you wonder will it ever be important to your kids to tell the truth or obey. Some days you feel like giving up and burying your head in the sand and hope all is well when you come up again. But then there are days like today that give you a glimmer of hope and make all those hard days totally worthwhile and make you never want to give up but keep plugging on…

This morning as I was enjoying my Saturday morning in bed Cooper brought my phone in to me. Bobby was out yard saleing and didn’t know if I’d be interested in some baby things to resell that he had found. After chatting on the phone I decided I’d just run out and do a little yard saleing myself. Of course all the kids decided they needed to go with me, so Chester decided to join us also so I could enjoy yard saleing not just loading and unloading kids. :-) We headed out and at one sale Cooper spied a two lacrosse sticks, 2 balls, and a case for sale. He asked the price and the lady told him that they were whatever his Dad and Mom wanted to pay for them. I told him that he was going to be using his money so he needed to work a deal with her. After examining his wallet he decided to offer her $1 as he just had a $1 bill and a $20. The lady was probably hoping to get a little more for the set but she sweetly replied how about $2 since there are two sticks. Cooper said he’d buy them for $2 but he would need change since he had a $20. The lady said she had change and took his money and got change for him. While she got his change Cooper packed up the sticks and balls in the case. The lady brought his change over and said “ok here is your money, it’s $2, $3,$4, $5,…$18, $19, and $20. I had turned and was talking to the lady’s husband when Cooper came around me and handed the lady $2 again. “Here, when you gave me my change you gave me back my $2 I paid you so I have $2 too much.” The lady and I both looked surprised and then the lady told him no she hadn’t made a mistake that she had just said that he had given her $2 and then she counted his change on from there to him. After a little explaining Cooper understood what had happened that she hadn’t actually given him $2 extra.

I was so proud of him for wanting to do the right thing. He could have just taken the money and lacrosse gear and not said anything but then he’d have had to listen to his conscience bothering him. He wouldn’t have actually had $2 extra but would have had a guilty conscience. (at least until he realized what happened) I do admit that I teared up when I realized what a good choice he had made. The lady’s husband smiled and said “good work Mom!”. I know that we have worked on instilling Godly principles in the kids but I was thankful at that moment that God was working on Cooper’s heart! That isn’t anything that I have done. I just told the man that I was thankful right then for the decision Cooper had just made. Cooper and I walked away pleased with Cooper’s new purchase and two people that were thrilled to have sold them to a little boy who wanted to be honest! (As well as Cooper had a clean conscience and I was feeling TREMEDOUSLY PROUD of him!)

Later on when we got home I told Cooper how PROUD of him I was that he had wanted to be honest. We talked about how important that being honest is and he will never regret begin honest and trustworthy! It reminded me of the song “I Would.” I pray that my kids will always remember the lesson in this song:

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