When Your 8 Year Old Out-Thinks You

Cooper has all the sudden gotten embarrassed about posting his fictional school stories on his blog so we told him he didn’t have to make the posts public. He figured out how to make those posts password protected so we would be the only ones that could read it. Well the other day I went to grade his work. I saw he had posted a post so I put in the password and was quite surprised to find a BLANK post. I got to wondering if he had just gotten us to agree to the password thing thinking that I wouldn’t take the time to check his posts so he’d just leave them blank. So later I brought it to Cooper’s attention that a blank post wasn’t acceptable. He grinned and told me that the post wasn’t blank, that not only had he password protected it, he had written it in white text so you couldn’t tell it had any content. “Mom, if you want to read my post you will have to highlight it all and then the text will show up.” Goodness, please pray for me, this kid out-thinks me! :-)At least he is CREATIVE! Gotta Love It!

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