To Date or Not to Date?

So, we are working on teaching Cooper to put his name and the date on
every school paper he turns in. (It’s quite a challenge to try to
figure out what day an undated paper was completed!). Somehow
remembering to write the date is a monumental task! So after talking
about it, Heidi and I decided we would buy a date stamp for him. He’d
like to set it each day, and there’s something fun about stamping the
paper! But we haven’t had a chance to buy one yet. Today we had
another episode of forgetfulness in the date writing department. As we
were discussing it, I mentioned to Cooper what our plan was for a date
stamp. He liked the idea. Then he said: “we should get a name stamp!”
“No” I said, “you’re going to write your name, but we’ll let you stamp
the date.” After thinking for a few seconds, he responded: “I wish we
could use electronic paper.” “Well what would you do with it? How
would you use it to help you?” I asked. “I’d have it flash red if I
forgot to put my name and date on it.” Smart, my son…I like the way
you think!

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2 thoughts on “To Date or Not to Date?

  1. I think the date thing is a universal problem or at least we experience that same issue at our house. But I haven’t heard any of the solutions that Cooper is coming up with. Quite a thinker!

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