This weekend Chester took Cooper and Bryant to the Men & Boys camp out.

Guys heading out to camp.

Guys heading out to camp.

I stayed home with Kaylin and Kolby. I worked on deep cleaning the school room, canning peaches, weeding the driveway, cleaning house, going grocery/birthday shopping, etc. One evening while I was working Kaylin decided to Skype Carmen. They were so funny to watch. I think they brought every toy they owned out of their rooms to show each other. After a while both of them were showing each other their toy computers. They sat there each playing their computers just giggling and talking to each other. It was quite funny the things “modern day” kids do.

Kept them entertained for over 45 min though.

Carm showing off her computer.

Watching Carm play her computer.

They Skyped for over 45 min. Silly Girls!

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