Weekend in Richmond

This weekend we went down to Richmond. We left first thing Saturday morning and took the motorhome down to the RV show. (at the Race Track) We spent the day wondering around the show looking at different RV’s waiting for our phone to ring from someone who might want to see our motorhome. We played the we are interested in buying an RV game to see what we could get for trading in our RV. Poor people thought we were going to drive away in a new RV. Haha! We couldn’t have made it home with the load of payments we would have been pulling back with us. :-) Chester and the kids did take a motorhome on a test drive just to see how it felt. We had lunch and wondered around some more picking up candy at booths, trying to win free nights at camp grounds, checking out the Sugar Gliders, etc. Around 3:00 the kids and I were done so we headed to the motorhome while Chester looked around some more. We had hardly gotten settled in the motorhome when someone came and knocked on the door wanting to have a tour. In the next little while I ended up showing it 5 or 6 times. We had towed the Jeep so after a while Chester went and got us all parfaits at McDonald’s to hold us over until dinner. The kids and I read books, played Mother-May-I?, Simon Says, listened to Captian’s Club, etc. for a few hours until Chester was ready to go.

When we left we went to Weldon and Lorianne’s house for dinner. We had a fabulous pork tacos dinner. David and Laura Corle came over for dinner as well. We visited and had dessert.  Sunday morning we went to meeting in Richmond. After meeting we went out to eat with Weldon & Lorianne, Nate & Cheree, and Rick & Katrina at a yummy sandwich shop that I don’t remember the name of. We went back to Weldon and Lorianne’s for the kids to have naps and then packed up and went to the Montpelier Center for the evening. The kids played on the playground, some played frisbee football, some visited, played games, played instruments, etc. We had yummy “Chipotle” Burrito Bowls. After dinner we had a short time of hearing some thoughts that Jonathan had. After that was over we packed up and headed home.


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