Daytona Beach, FL (Part 2)

January 6th-7th

I should have finished this trip’s posts a LOT sooner because now the days are all getting mixed up in my head. I’ll try to write out what we did as well as I can but some day and times may be a day or so off.

Sunday: We got around and went out to the beach again after breakfast. We played in the sand for a while and then Bobby, Chester, Cooper and Bryant rented Beach Tricycles for an hour and rode the beach. The boys LOVED that! They just cruised all over the place like they were driving race cars. I was able to get Kolby to go to sleep so I just enjoyed sitting on the beach in the sun holding him. Laura and Kaylin played in the sand and ocean for a bit then headed up to the pools and hot tubs to warm up. We had lunch and then naps. More swimming and then before dinner Bobby, Chester and I took the kids on a short walk across the pedestrian bridge across the road out in front of the resort. The kids played on the animal statues and then we came back for dinner that Laura had fixed.

Our room in on the left side of the right tower on the top floor. (Right in the center of the picture. The bump out part is our balcony)

The view looking away from the resort.

More view of the ocean

Area around the Lazy River

One of the outside pools

Making a moat for Kaylin’s sand castle.

Kolby playing monster trucks.

Cooper castle building

Bryant’s castle

Getting water for their moats.

She hauled more water. It was a loosing battle. She didn’t seem to notice though. She was having fun!

Here come the guys on their beach trikes.


And here comes Cooper racing up

Bobby and Bryant

Doing doughnuts

The guys!

Hot Rod Bryant!


Kolby & I

Granddad and Kaylin warming up in the hot tub

Bryant by the outside mini golf area & Lazy Ricer

Our family (minus Kolby) enjoying the warm water.

Going across the pedestrian bridge over the road in front of the resort

Bryant riding the dolphin

All the kids on top of the turtle. Kolby didn’t approve of the picture!

Kaylin trying out a dolphin ride

Cooper atop the turtle

Monday: Some of us were just worn out so we just laid around, read books, napped, relaxed, etc. That flu junk seems to hang on for a while, YUCK! It comes and goes for a bit before you actually are done being sick. Thankfully we were just worn out and had fevers but nothing else. I worked on my school planner some while the kids laid around. The weather was cooler and cloudy today so it was a nice day to not be in the water as much. That evening we had to go try our a restaurant that one of the Security guys recommended for seafood. It was called Hull’s Seafood, of all things. It was a hole in the wall place. You order your food at the counter and then go sit down. I had steamed shrimp and clam chowder. i think everyone enjoyed their dinners. After dinner we went back to the hotel and played with the kids in the playroom while we waited for the mini golf to empty out. Then we all went and played a round of mini golf before heading up to our room for hot cookies.

We watched this lady making sand sculptures. It was pretty fascinating to watch.

More of her work

A bad picture of the Hulls at Hull’s Seafood Market

Dinner Time

My Yummy Shrimp!

Making a Mega Block tower.

Kaylin playing bowling

She used the lob technique instead of the roll technique.

Bowling in the playroom

My turn. Kolby was helping me knock them down.

Crazy Kaylin

Cheesy Bryant

The wall was a golf course on the ocean mural painting. It was so cute. A great use of wasted space.

Granddad’s turn

Kolby trying his hand at golfing, with Mommy’s help.

He would just LAUGH every time we hit the ball.

Grandmother’s turn.

2 of my fun guys

Kolby and Daddy

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