Daytona Beach, FL (Part 1)

January 3rd-5th

We got all packed up and headed out about 4:00pm. but we made a stop by CVS and had to bring our purchases back to the house. We then went to Charlottesville and ran a few errands before meeting up with Bobby & Laura to head out of town. I was so tired from packing up all while trying to get over being sick. We got dinner in Lynchburg and the boys started riding with Bobby and Laura. We drove until 11 or 11:30pm I think before stopping in Latta for the night.

Friday: It took a bit for us all to get loaded up and ready to roll the next morning but we finally got back on the road. We stopped just for gas, food, and bathroom breaks except for stopping at the Florida welcome center for a glass of Florida orange juice.

Florida Welcome Center

We made it into Daytona Beach to our resort about 5:30pm. We got checked in and parked and unloaded. We got a room on the 25th and top floor. WAY UP THERE!

Stepping out of the elevator on the 25th floor this was the view.

Our Room #

The view out our living room

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bath

Looking back into the Master Bath

Once we got our stuff in our room I quickly made a grocery list and Chester and I went shopping. We headed to Aldi which happened to be only 3 miles away. I had packed fairly light in the food department as I didn’t have much time and energy from being sick to make stuff up so we had a pile of groceries. We didn’t think about the task of getting them all up to our room. We were resourceful though and got out our stroller and loaded it up with groceries. I was feeling pretty red-neck at the resort wheeling in our stroller of Aldi groceries. :-)

Don’t we look classy!

We cooked up and ate a quick dinner of Chili Verde Burritos. The kids had already made themselves at home and had made a fort out of the hide-a-bed sofa. They decided that it looked exactly like an Army tank so for the rest of the trip the sofa was constantly being made into a tank and played on. After a little running around and playing we put the kids to bed. After they went to sleep Chester and I slipped out and went on a tour of the resort trying to figure out what all there was to do and see.

Chester & Bryant playing Battleship. Kolby helping…

Cooper’s fort.


The dining room & kitchen.

One of the inside pools

Saturday: After breakfast we headed out to the beach for a while. All the kids loved playing in the sand. After we got cold we washed off and tried out the hot tubs. We came in for lunch and naps and then went back out to the beach. We walked the beach, seeing the sights. That evening we went down and tried out the cute little indoor mini golf on the 4th floor.

Looking down from our balcony at the Lazy River and one of the outdoor pools.

Laura wasn’t too sure about being up that high. She would stand way back and lean over the rail to look over.


Kolby loved looking out.

Houdini K

Daddy and Kolby making sand castes

Build, then…


Looking back at the resort from the beach. Our room is on the right tower on the little bump out on the left side, on the top floor.



Kaylin getting a ride from Daddy.


Bryant’s turn for a ride

Trying out the Lazy River

Bryant “warming” in the Hot Tub.

My Cute Kaylin

Snuggling with Daddy

Kaylin about to fall asleep in Grandmother’s lap

Bryant the fish

Our view from the room (straight out)

Our view from the room (To the left a little)

Our view from the room (down and towards the left)

Our view from the room (To the Left)

Our view from the room (To The Right) (the water is the Inner Coastal Waterway)

Checking out the view by the elevators (left side)

And the view to the right

The complete view

We walked down the beach to the amusement park to check out the Human Slingshot Ride. We were watching go carts here.

Here is the Human Slingshot Ride.

This would be such a neat stage to use for a play. (Right at the end of our resort beside the shopping area.

Cooper playing golf

Kolby loved climbing all over the golf course.


At the beach

Laura playing with Kaylin

Kolby learning to walk to Daddy

Proudly walking

You have to dive the last 3 ft!



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