December Camp

We did school Monday through Thursday and as soon as school was finished I got busy packing for camp. I got clothes packed up and food made and went to bed LATE! We were up and out the door by 8:15 am I believe on Friday morning. This year we just met the sound crew at camp instead of traveling together. It was nice to just get up and roll when we were ready instead of being so much under a time crunch. When we arrived we unloaded stuff at our dorms and then the guys got busy unloading sound stuff. Us girls made up all our lunches and then after lunch I took Kaylin and Kolby to our dorm to set up and have them take naps. After naps we hung out in the meeting hall until time to head to Lexington, to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner with all the sound crew and the Harrisons. This year we had Duane & Dottie, Clare & Molly & boys, Drew & Karyn & Arden, Chris Hood, Mr. & Mrs. Harrison, and our family. Fairly shortly after we got back I went to bed with Kaylin and Kolby hoping to get a good night’s sleep before camp started. Not so! The wind was blowing so hard it was making the siding smack the side of the building. There were so many noises all night long. Kolby was up I don’t know how many times. Needless to say I was VERY tired the next morning.

Saturday: Kaylin, Kolby and I didn’t get around very quickly. We just relaxed a bit and ate breakfast in our cabin. Karyn made lunch for us all, so around noon we all headed to the dining hall. She had a fabulous lunch of baked potatoes with all the toppings. The Harrisons brought drinks and cookies for everyone. When we finished up I took Kaylin and Kolby back down to the dorm for a nap before everyone arrived for camp. This is the first year that Chester and I have stayed apart during camp. We felt it would be good for the boys to stay in a dorm with their friends. Looking back now I wish we would have waited one more year to split up but it went ok, a little challenging at times but we managed. I stayed in a dorm with Amy, Alison, & Andrew Hunt, Abby & Gwyneth Cox, Heidi, Meg & Abigail Brown, and Tammi WIlson. We missed Sara Lloyd staying with us as Ned got pneumonia and couldn’t come to camp. Camp first “event” was dinner and then we had a meeting.

Sunday I managed to get the kids up to breakfast by 8:40 am. Chester and the boys were already there of course. After breakfast was meeting, then lunch, and then in the afternoon the kids made bowls and plates. That is always an operation because so far the kids have all wanted me to make theirs. They LOVE their bowls and have their favorites that they ask for each time we eat. This year I had 4 plates/bowls to make. Cooper wanted an aircraft carrier plate, Bryant kept changing but finally decided on a fighter jet plate, Kaylin wanted a Hello-Kitty plate, and I made Kolby a monkey face bowl. Chester got Kolby to sleep in the stroller while I started in with the kids. Cooper decided he wanted to try to make his own but that ended up in tears because it wasn’t like he pictured it and he didn’t know what to do. By then I was in the middle of Bryant’s. Chester came to Cooper rescue and ended up helping him make a great aircraft carrier. Bryant’s turned out really well even when he decided I needed to make it camouflage. (I had never done that before so I was a bit nervous of ruining the whole thing and having to start over.) Kaylin’s took a little time to do but she is thrilled with it. They are all excitedly waiting for 3rd Sunday so they can get their finished plates/bowls. Anyway that took up most of the afternoon. Kaylin and Kolby played with the other kids and I visited. We had dinner and meeting and snacks. I went to bed around 11:30.

Alden & Arlis Harrison enjoying some down time on the blanket during lunch.

I love watching them.

Lots of Don’t Break The Ice was played at camp.
Leyton Cox, Chandler Patton, Allison Hunt, Kaylin, Dustin Sulzen

Chandler, Kaylin, Gracie Stogsdill, & Gwyneth Cox

More Don’t Break The Ice
This time with Rory, Kaylin & Chester.

Rory is such a doll!

Getting council from Dad about smoke or fire coming out the back of the jet.

Dad to the rescue on the aircraft carrier picture!

Eliza Cox

Kolby enjoying camp.

Game Room Time!
Cooper playing ping-pong

And Bryant waiting his turn.

Kolby figured out how to get in on the game. He got under the table and would pick up and “clean” any balls that came his way.

Camron Seaborn playing air hockey

Cooper, Brooks, & John playing pool.

Cooper loved playing!

Monday was the same routine: breakfast 8:30am., meeting 10:00, lunch and then kids craft projects in the afternoon. Melissa Martin brought a few fun projects for the kids to do. They started off with clothespin airplanes for the boys and then all moved onto Marshmallow/pom-pom shooters. The kids had a ball with those. There were marshmallows and pom-poms all over the place. After that died away there was a project for the girls: Popsicle stick picture frames. I helped Kaylin make one while Kolby took a nap in the stroller again. Then came dinner and meeting. The meeting was a special number and testimony meeting with great congregational singing. Brett led singing. I appreciate his enthusiasm for the Lord. Some of the guys played guitars, bass, piano, etc. instead of just the “normal” piano with hymns singing. We sang some choruses and songs with the words on the screen so people are looking up and singing instead of looking into their hymnals. It was very encouraging and exciting to praise the Lord! By the end of meeting I was exhausted because I had been running the “zoo” (our children) by myself every meeting (except a few minutes here and there where Chester could help out). Kaylin and Kolby had finally gone to sleep at the end of meeting so I thought that I would just go put them to bed in the dorm and be able to come back out and visit for a bit. NOT SO! Kolby decided he had been asleep long enough and he was ready to go again. I got Kaylin in bed only for her to discover she had left her baby in the meeting hall which sent her into uncontrollable crying. I ended up getting Kolby back up and took him with me to go retrieve her doll. When we got back I began the battle of getting an overtired baby to sleep. We fought until around 12:30. I was so tired I thought I was getting sick. Thankfully we managed!

Mary Mowen playing one of MANY games of Don’t Break The Ice with the kids.
Mary Mowen, Rory Dunavant, Kaylin Hull, Chandler Patton, Wade Nearman, ?, Kipling Cotten, Cameron Seaborn, Kaylie Sulzen, Abigail Brown, Gisella (Sp?) Balderson

The boys making their clothespin airplanes.

Bryant’s airplane coming along.

Cooper working on his airplane.

The girls making their picture frames.

And now moving on to the marshmallow shooters.

Arthur and Eliza Cox

Kaylin making her picture frame.

And now trying out her marshmallow shooter.

Alec & Dameon Budzick

Leyton Cox

Ready, Aim….

Wade Nearman

Gwyneth Cox & Adeline Carneal

The kids started out meeting Monday night singing up front.

Abigail Earheart

Kipling Cotten singing This Little Light Of Mine

Tuesday I let Kaylin and Kolby sleep until they woke up. I got dressed and packed up our stuff while they slept. When they got up I got them dressed and gave them oatcakes for breakfast. Chester came over and took all our luggage to the car. I wasn’t a whole lot of help cleaning our dorm so I ended up taking Kaylin and Kolby and Gwyneth to the meeting hall. Gwyneth and Kaylin played air hockey for a while and then we went to meeting. Gwyneth ended up sitting with Kaylin because Cooper and Bryant were sitting with Bobby & Laura and Matt & Amy. It was so fun watching the girls during meeting. The things they came up with to try were so different than what the boys do. It was really good for Kaylin to have some time with another little girl. After lunch the guy packed up sound stuff. I hung out at the dining hall until Chester was ready to go. We headed out around 4ish I believe. We toyed with the idea of going out to eat but by the time we reached Charlottesville we decided to just go home and go order Chinese take-out. What a great decision! We brought the kids in and let them sit by the fire while Chester and I unloaded the car. Then we ran everyone through the shower while Chester went and got our dinner. We ate and then I unpacked some of our stuff then we all CRASHED!

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