September Camp

I enjoyed our Sept. camp this year. I felt like I had a little time to actually sit around and visit. One day it was rainy so in the afternoon some of us ladies and girls sang for a while. Eventually we worked up “My Tribute” for a special. I enjoyed that, I haven’t stood around and sang in a while. On Sunday night we had a testimony/special number meeting. That was a highlight for me.

Weldon and Lorianne were able to stay at our house this time.

I actually took a few pictures because I got my camera out to take a picture of Kolby taking his first swing. He loved it!

Loving It!

You can see his 3 teeth in this one.

Katelyn, Abigail Brown, Cameron Seaborn

Morgan Clem (Toby & Kristen’s)

  • Abigail Earheart

    Kaylin’s turn to swing. (Her absolute favorite thing to do PERIOD!)

    This is the rock quarry crew-Charlotte Cox, Cooper, John and James Hunt.
    They had a whole operation going on.

    I believe Brooks was grinding up sandstone for the quarry.

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