Luray Caverns Field Trip


Since we were studying Earth Science this year I decided I needed to be creative to make it fun. I figured studying dirt, rocks, and water could get pretty boring so I put my mind to work. I came up with a list of places to go for field trips, Luray Caverns was one of the places. I looked up information about it and realized it was expensive to go just as individuals but if you got a school group together it was about 1/2 price per person. You had to have a minimum of 15 paying students though. I decided it was worth a try to get a group together. I figured we would be really close on meeting the minimum if we just tried to get a group together from Charlottesville so I invited anyone who wanted to come from Northern VA, Richmond, and Fredericksburg.

Well the 13th came and we all headed to Luray, all 73 of us (27 adults, 33 students, 13 children). WOW! I never dreamed it would turn out so BIG! Some got there early and had a picnic lunch and toured some of the museums before we all met at 1:45 for the tour. The staff (once they showed up) was fantastic to work with. We had to split into 2 groups to tour the caverns since there were so many of us. I think everyone really enjoyed going through the caverns except Layton and Meg who hung on to someone the entire way through.

The younger kid group

This cavern was discovered when some guys dug for 5 hours and then the smallest guy went down the hole they dug (He entered where the cross is). He promptly fell down this slope ti the right.

Once he relit his candle this was the first sight he saw.

There were LOTS of people! And this is only 1/2 of them!

The kids loved it!

Dream Lake

Another of Dream Lake

It is incredible to think that this is WAY underground! Pretty amazing!

Check out the Totem Poles



Fallen Stalactite

Stalacpipe Organ


Wishing Well

Fried Eggs

After we made it through the caverns almost everyone went down to the rope course. I forget how many people actually did the ropes course. The rest of us just watched and took pictures. I think the kids all agreed that the ropes course was the best part of the field trip. They definitely enjoyed themselves. The guy running the course was so nice and even let the little kids on the bottom level. They thought they were big stuff.

The boys getting harnessed up for the ropes course.

Getting harnessed


The Course

Luke Woods, Burke & Aden Harrison

The line waiting to get hooked in.

Onlookers: Channing Woods, Lorianne & Cora Stogsdill, Naomi Boyd, Laura Hull, Jeannine Woods

More onlookers: Leah Corle, Janderon Harrison, Belinda Pitts, James, Matt & Amy Hunt

Luke Woods & Blaine Bledsoe

Landon Woods

Austin Baumgardner & Riley Loyd

Brianna Corle

Carson Cox

Wyatt Corle

Cooper Hull

And some more onlookers: Bob, Natalie, Ashleigh, Debbie Harrison, Bobby Hull

Weldon & Gracie Stogsdill

Gracie you did so well! That is WAY up there!

Mia Boyd

Chester & Bryant

Bethany Corle

Bryant loved this. He is such a monkey! He loves to climb.

Shauna Rutt

Aden Harrison

Jordan Seaborn

Snack time for these onlookers: Grandmommy Cotten, Kaylin Hull, Jeannine & Channing Woods, Bobby & Laura Hull


Layton Cox

Blaine Bledsoe & Kenley Woods

Aden H., Austin B., Allison Hunt, Blaine B.

Cooper, Brooks Cox, John Hunt

Gwyneth Cox, Cooper Hull, John Hunt, Brett Corle

Abigail Brown

Meg Brown

Tara Martin

What a BEAUTIFUL day! We couldn’t have had better weather.

It is so pretty up there! I love the mountians.

Grandmommy Cotten and Shauna rode with us. Brett and Leah’s family (plus Jordan) and Weldon and Lorianne’s family stopped by our house for dinner on their way home. We enjoyed eating and visiting with them all.

Dinner Time

Jordan and Wyatt

The kids

Cora, Kaylin & Gracie

Meals on wheels

I think I had an adrenaline let down that night, I was so tired. I had never undertaken such a big operation before. I was so glad it was a hit and am already trying to figure out where to go next. I am thinking Spring would be a good time for another one. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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