Science Museum-Richmond

July 25-I needed to sell a stroller I had on Craigslist to someone in Richmond so we decided to make a day of it and have the people meet us at the Science Museum. We got there about 10:15 and the people met us there a few minutes later and bought the stroller. Yippee! Another thing out of the basement. Laura, Jeannine and the boys minus Austin, plus Blaine Bledsoe met us there. We started off by watching an iMax movie called To The Artic on Polar Bears. Kind of interesting since we studied them in school. Afterward Laura and I went and made a picnic lunch outside under a shade tree while the others looked around.

Lunch Time

We quickly ate our lunch and then looked at the exhibits some before going to watch another IMAX movie called the Grand Canyon Adventure.

Making springs

The boys were quite impressed with all the parts of a bike.

Bryant the magician.

At 2:30 Chester had a conference call. He went outside for that and the kids and I kept looking around. Around 3:30 Laura, Jeannine, and crew left. The kids and I looked around until Chester finished up around 4:30. Chester stopped by Wawa and bought us all an ice cream treat and then we headed home. We were home for less than an hour but managed to fix dinner, feed Kolby, and get ready for meeting. We were all so tired when we got home from meeting.

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