Hull Family Weekend

August 2 – 6

We finished up school Thursday the 2nd and I got REALLY busy packing and we left around 5:30 for SC. We ended up catching up to Eric and Jeannine in Zion Crossroads. We all grabbed dinner and headed out. I believe we arrived at Jeff & Lori Cotten’s house about 2 am. Wow! Nothing like invading someone’s house in the middle of the night. Bobby and Laura had made it in a few hours earlier. We got all our luggage carried in and visited for a little bit before heading to bed.

Friday was very relaxing. We all enjoyed the pool through out the day. After lunch we headed over to the beach and spent a few hours playing in the sand and waves. Kolby and Channing loved the water. After we came back to the house and had dinner more swimming took place.

Kenley and Cooper played lots of Lego

Scuba Diver Ken

Grandmother and Kaylin

Napping in the cabana at the beach.

Bryant got a little tired of the water after a while since he had been in the pool most of the day already.

Kaylin having fun at the beach with her PINK shovel.

Eric teaching Channing to ride the board.


Aunt “Nean” & Kaylin

Bobby enjoying the shade.

Bryant and I flying his Blue Angel plane.

Bryant was sure that people that saw it flying would think it was a real “Blue Angel”.

Checking out the ocean for the first time.

He really enjoyed the water and eating sand.

Batman (the dog) loves to sit on the piano while you play.

Saturday morning Jeff took Chester, Eric and his 3 oldest boys on a fishing trip with I believe 2 other fellows. Their plan was to meet at the boat at 8:30 and fish until 4 or 5 and come back home at a decent hour so we could have a nice evening together. Well things didn’t quite go as planned. A number of them experience sea sickness. and then once they decided to head back in one of their engines failed. They were at least 25 miles from shore so they started heading in on one engine at approx 5-6 mph. Needless to say they didn’t make it home until after 10:30 I believe. Sure was thankful they had another engine and made it back safely. While they were gone we just spend the day relaxing and swimming. I got in with the kids and tried to help Bryant get comfortable swimming without a floatie. Last year he was swimming like a fish but this year he hasn’t swam without either a life jacket or armies. He wasn’t really excited about it but I told him he had to swim to me once and then he could put his floaties back on. He finally did it and it was like a switch went off in his head. I couldn’t keep him out of the water then. I think he spent more of our vacation underwater than he did above. He put on flippers and was diving after stuff he would throw in, even in the deep end. He was so excited. I got Kaylin to relax enough to swim around with just her armies on. And Cooper decided he wants to go snorkeling sometime. He snorkeled a good part of the afternoon and evening. It was so fun to see them get so comfortable swimming.

Kayin enjoying her chocolate ice cream cone.

Cooper with his ice cream.

This is Bryant and how he spent most of his vacation, UNDERWATER!

Cooper and Luke

Jeannie deciding on homeschooling books.

Fishy Kaylin

Eric, Austin, Landen and Kenley on the fishing trip.

A catch

A shark

Sunday we had a big breakfast together and then some of the guys went to Jeff’s shop to clean the fish they had caught. The rest of us swam. We had dinner about 5 of fish and grilled chicken. YUMMY! Eric and Jeannine had to leave right after dinner. Bobby and Laura, Kenley and Luke, and our family got to stay down another night so Jeff took all of us except Laura and Kolby on a jet boat ride. We just went along the Intercoastal Waterway for a little ways. It was a perfect evening! The ride was excellent for the kids, not to long and really enjoyable.

Landen, Kaylin, Bryant, Jeff and Bobby

Bobby even got in the pool with the kids.

Kaylin, Kolby and I

Here is Cooper snorkeling again!

Bryant with all his swimming gear.

Fishy Bryant

Kickin’ back

Jeff made popcorn for us.

Bean bag time!

Ches and Ken

Eric prepping the fish for cooking.

Jeff grilled chicken and Eric fried fish! YUMMY!

Kaylin overcame her fear of dogs and decided to hold Batman.

Kolby and I playing in the water.

Loading Up!

Heading out on the jet boat.

Enjoying the ride!

It was so pretty.

Bryant was so proud that he got to ride with Uncle Jeff to load the boat on the trailer.

Monday we had breakfast and then swam a little, showered and packed up. After a quick bite of lunch we headed out around 1:00 for Wilmington, NC. Chester had a meeting with a client. There was a Science Museum about 15 minutes away from where he was going so he dropped us off and the kids and I toured the museum. It was perfect. We had 2 hours to look through it before Chester came and picked us up. We got home about 11:00.

Cooper standing by the cooper tools.

Piecing together a “broken pottery” piece.

A very HUGE, neat model set-up.

The other side of the set-up.

This is an old projector.

Kaylin trying out the phone booth.

The kids had never seen a phone booth before.

They were pretty fascinated with it.

Inside a beaver home.

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