Help Others Day

July 29-For our assembly activity today we had a Help Others Day. We divided up into 3 groups and went and helped three families. Some went Aunt Joan’s and fixed her back porch stairs and trimmed some trees. Others went to a family named the O’Brians. The lady has some type of terminal illness and can’t talk or respond at all really. Anyway a group went over there and cleared brush, trees, etc. from their yard. And then the other group went over to Bill and Greta Hagan’s. We were a part of that group. Our mission was to fix their fence that had blown over during a storm. The boys were so excited to help. They grabbed their tools and went to work. We ended up working on the fence, us ladies picked up sticks in the yard and Ian and Chester worked on the pool pump issues. We were there all afternoon and had a really fun time. We hope to make this a more on-going activity.

The onlookers!

(Chester has more pictures somewhere but I need to find them.)


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