Land Between the Lakes 7/4 thru 7/14 (part 2)

This post is also picture heavy so be patient and let the pictures load!

July 9th
After breakfast was done the guys biked with the kids to the water and took them swimming. The campground was pretty empty so we got to use the beach swimming area. Us girls did a switch up of our menu, much to Cooper’s confusion as he had swiped our menu and was keeping tabs on what meal was next and all. :-) We decided to pack up a picnic and join the guys on the beach. Brian and Casey grilled hot dogs for us all. We had a nice shady area to sit in so it was very nice.

Lunch has arrived

The Cook

Our picnic

In the afternoon we played a game of family basketball. Cooper really enjoyed playing basket ball. This trip was his first time to really play for real I believe. It is now one of his favorite sports. We will have to go home and practice so he can make some shots. I think by the end of the trip he had made 2 baskets.

Campfire Ring Basketball

Brian and Casey made us Black Bean & Chicken Salad and Quessadillas for dinner. After dinner the guys took the kids fishing out at the “fishing pier”. Us girls joined them once the dishes were done and Kolby had woken up. Mom made Orange Julius when we all got back.

Brian trying to scare the mosquitoes away

July 10th
Today was laundry day. Dad and Mom took off to go find a laundry mat but ended up not finding one so they ran around all morning feeding the different washers around the campground. Casey and I got our kids all dressed up and with the help of Nittie we took them to do pictures. I will do a separate post of those pictures because we took a lot. They all did pretty well since they all were ready to go swimming or get dirty. While we were out taking pictures Chester, Brian, Terrell and Caden went on a bike ride. Terrell’s bike malfunctioned and met the end of it’s life so he had to walk it back. (over a mile) The guys thought it was pretty fun anyway and after lunch they took the rest of the boys on a shorter version of their ride. Carmen and Kaylin entertained themselves playing with their Clothesline Busy Bags I made for them.

Casey and I got our laundry done once Dad and Mom finished up theirs. Dad and Mom made us low country boil with cheddar biscuits for dinner and homemade Butterfinger ice cream for dessert. Yummy! Can’t go wrong with those food choices. We had a campfire and the kids roasted marshmallows. You can’t go camping without doing that.

Peelin' shrimp

Cheddar Biscuits

Diggin' In (Don't we look like sisters?)

Is this what Aunts are for?

I think it is done...

Cordan through the smoke

End of a long day...

July 11th
Dad and Mom made us all breakfast this morning, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, and banana bread. We all packed up and headed out to Lake Barkley State Resort Park. We took all the kids with us and Dad and Mom, Brian and Casey went another way so they could get some parts for Brian’s truck. After a few communication glitches we all made it. We were thankfully able to find 3 camp sites that were relatively level and together.

I made nachos for lunch and then Carmen, Kaylin, and Kolby took naps while the guys got Brian’s truck and trailer lights working and the boys set up a bike shop to fix up everyone’s bikes.

Trying out ALL his new tools!

Case, Mom, and I looked at pictures and sorted through stuff we had brought for each other. When the guys finished up we woke the girls up and all hiked through the woods down to the beach area at the lake. It was beautiful! Dad, Chester, and kids all swam and then played basketball.

This picture makes me chuckle.

Are we supposed to walk around barefoot? Like this?

Soggy basketball

Mom and I hiked back to camp so I could feed Kolby. Mom worked on dinner while I fed Kolby and then we were supposed to take the truck and pick everyone up. We took off down one road thinking we would be close to where they were but ended up on a road that had a sign that said “Road ends 300 ft. boat ramp”. We were able to turn around in a little area beside the road and then headed out on another road. Wrong try again…that road went to the picnic area. We finally got to the correct road and found everyone just as the park ranger was running everyone out of the parking lot because it was after hours. At least we made it before the gate was closed so we could load all the kids up. The guys and some of the kids stayed to play ball and hike back to camp. That evening Dad and Mom made Casey’s b-day dinner a day early since we would be out on the boat all day tomorrow. We had chimmies, rice, guacamole, salsa, chips and jalapeño poppers.

2 of my good lookin' guys


I made blueberry goo for her birthday dessert. After dinner we had a present exchange and then we watched the racoons that visited everynight so see what we had left to eat.

Happy 30th! (one day early)

July 12th

We got up by 7:30 and packed drinks, lunch, snacks, and misc. stuff and all left at 8:40 to go rent a pontoon boat for the day. We had a fantastic time. I have so many pictures that I am going to do a separate post for the pontoon ride. We had the pontoon until 6 and then we headed back to the campground. Chester and I were in charge of dinner. With lots of help we made Teriyaki Fingers, Chicken Skewers, sausage/onions/pepper kabobs, salad, watermelon, and creamy cheese grits with chilies. I’m thinking we put on some pounds on this trip with all the yum food we’ve been eating! We had the rest of Casey’s blueberry goo for dessert.


The dishwasher

The Dish Dryer

The kids were all tired so they all were in bed by a decent time and Dad, Mom, Brian, Casey, Chester, and I were able to sit and visit for a little while, that is after Casey and Nittie had safely returned from showering.

They had gone into the shower house to shower and had managed to shut a mouse in the top of the door so it was hanging there by its back legs squeaking the whole time they showered. They screamed for help from the shower house when they were ready to come back but no one heard them so they hung out waiting for Brian or Dad to realize they had been gone a while and come rescue them. Still no one came so they got big and brave and decided to make a run for it. There were several attempts to get out but each time resulted in the girls retreating to the opposite end of the shower house to gather courage again. Finally they had a plan: Casey would fling open the door and Nittie would turn off the light and they would run for it hoping the mouse would still be behind the door when they got out. So they flipped off the light and Casey went through the door and somehow Nittie didn’t make it quick enough and she had to push open the door also and in the process her bag ripped and all her shower stuff and clothes spilled so she screamed fearing the mouse would come her way. This time the guys heard so Dad, Brian, and Chester went sneaking off in the dark to rescue them…(Nittie can tell the story a lot better.) Sorry for the scare girls but thanks for the chuckles.

July 13th
We got up and started packing up while Casey made us Mexican Breakfast. Yum yum! Never have had that before.


Dad playing bubbles with the kids right before we left.

After breakfast we all packed up and all headed out for home by 11:30 am. Brian and Casey and Dad and Mom were able to travel home together. Dad and Mom stayed the night with Brian and Casey instead of going all the way home. We drove to Ft. Campbell, KY, home of the 101st Airborne Division, The Screaming Eagles. We got to tour the Don Pratt Museum which is the history of the 101st Div. The boys loved all the Army stuff. Bryant was so thrilled he was wearing the right clothes for the occasion.

After we finished there we headed homeward again. We stopped in Cookville, TN and I made dinner and then we continued on to Wal-Mart in Knoxsville, TN, where we stopped for the night around 10:30. Wow, I was tired. Sure felt good to lay down.

July 14th
We slept/relaxed in bed until 8:30 then had breakfast and showers before hitting the road. Yesterday Cooper had asked if sometime we could go to Bass Pro so we decided to stop at the one in Cieverville, TN. Chester took the kids in while I stayed in the motorhome with Kolby, who was taking a nap. Chester said it was a really neat one and we would have to go back some time. Not sure how long we were there. We continued homeward just stopping to fill up with gas once.

#4 of the Pit Crew

#3 of the Pit Crew

#5 of the Pit Crew

#1 of the Pit Crew

We put our money down that hole...Pretty big penny bank, we haven't filled it up yet.

In Waynesboro we stopped at Sharp Shopper to get some groceries and hopefully save me a trip to Harrisonburg. A few minutes after walking in they announced that they were closing in 15 minutes so we did a race through then headed on to Charlottesville. We stopped at Baja Bean to use our Living Social deal that expires tomorrow. While we were eating a serious thunderstorm rolled in. They were calling for flash floods in Greene. In some spots they are calling for 2″ in 1 hour. We did get a fair amount of rain but nothing to serious. I’m thankful all of us made it home safely with out any troubles.

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